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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Why do you want a copy of my merchant statement?

We ask for a copy of your merchant statement so we can do a side-by-side cost analysis.
By doing an apples to apples comparison, we can guarantee your savings, with our Savings Promise and the Make it Right guarantee.

How much can you save with BLUEDOG?

Find Out Now??

What is the Savings Promise & Make it Right Guarantee?

We are so confident in our ability to save you money that we guarantee your quoted savings. If you fail to reach your quoted savings we will lower your processing rate until that savings goal is met. Even if that means we reduce our rate to zero.

Are you ready to save with BLUEDOG?

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Will switching to BLUEDOG impact my relationship with my bank?
Your bank is already outsourcing your payment processing to a company like us. By switching to BLUEDOG you are simply cutting out the middleman and reducing your per-transaction cost.
How long does it take to switch to BLUEDOG?
From signing your paperwork to connecting your hardware, we can have you processing through BLUEDOG in less than 72 hours.
When are funds from settled transactions available?
With next-day funding we can have your funds deposited as early as the next morning.
What is the BLUEDOG GiveBack program?
Our?GiveBack Program?is an optional program that all BLUEDOG customers are eligible for. 5% of all revenue generated for processing your business’s payments, and donates them to a qualifying not-for-profit, cause, or philanthropic program you choose.
I need immediate assistance! Who do I call?
We have dedicated 24/7 customer support based in the United States. Our customer support staff is fully trained to answer questions regarding your account, assist with technical issues, or address any concerns you might have about billing.

Support can be reached by phone at 1-888-453-4538

Have additional questions?

Let us answer ’em.

Call us toll-free: (888) 565-4364

Chat live with us.

Or fill out the form below & we’ll be in touch.

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Our Mission is Simple:
Be the Best Friend to Your Business.

At BLUEDOG we’re mindful of our customer’s bottom line which is why we emphasize a customer-first approach to everything we do.

From providing the most competitive pricing to dedicated customer support and a wide array of flexible payment solutions, BLUEDOG is fixing the merchant services industry one best friend at a time.


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Privacy Policy

? 2020 BLUEDOG Blue Dog Business Services, LLC is a registered ISO Fifth Third Bank, N.A., Cincinnati, OH. Blue Dog Business Services, LLC is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA. American Express? requires separate approval.?BLUEDOG’s Cash Discount Program is not affiliated with, or administered by, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. The Clover name and logo are owned by Clover Network, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of First Data corporation, and are registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries. *Pricing does not apply to accounts determined to be "high risk" unless otherwise stated.